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British Commonwealth stamps – The Omnibus Collection album and Stamps

The Omnibus Collection Series

The British Commonwealth Omnibus Stamp Collection Albums were designed using somewhat of a different approach. It was obvious from the very start that they should be built as a modular "product".

Many collectors collect various Omnibus sets of the British Empire and Commonwealth, but still, almost every collection looks a bit different. Some prefer the classic sets such as the KGV Silver Jubilee or the later UPU series. Others have an eye for the colourful sets of the early QEII era such as the Freedom from Hunger set. Many others prefer the beautiful commemorative recent sets devoted to the special events of the Royal Family. But far and foremost, almost all Omnibus collectors collect some of the sets and not others.

In order to meet the diversity of tastes along with our commitment to affordable top quality albums we have produced 25cm. X 25cm. (around 9.5 X 9.5 inches) binders (Vol. I, II, III and IV) which can hold up to 80 of our 190 grams off-white pages (when using mounts the recommended number of pages is 70). The pages are offered for sale by the set thus allowing you to build up your omnibus album to fit exactly your collection.

The British Commonwealth Omnibus Binders, Vol. I-IV

If you want to get an idea of the pages' design please press the following thumbnails. Note that these sample pages are computer generated: Their background is white (not as the actual off white pages) and their resolution is low.

Silver Jubilee KGVI Coronation Victory

1935 Silver Jubilee Sample Page 1937 King George VI Coronation Sample Page 1946 Victory Sample Page

Stamps Albums
KGVI Royal Silver Wedding UPU BWI University

1948 Royal Silver Wedding Sample Page 1949 UPU Sample Page 1951 BWI University Sample Page

Stamps Albums
QEII Coronation 1953-4 Royal Visit Caribbean Federation

1953 QEII Coronation Sample Page 1953-4 QEII Royal Visit Sample Page 1958 Caribbean Federation Sample Page

Stamps Albums
Freedom from Hunger Shakespeare Commemoration 1966 Royal Visit

1963 Freedom from Hunger Sample Page 1964 Shakespeare Commemoration Sample Page 1966 Royal Visit Sample Page

Stamps Albums
U.N.E.S.C.O. QEII Royal Silver Wedding Princess Anne Royal Wedding

1966 UNESCO Sample Page 1972 QEII Royal Wedding Sample Page 1973 Princess Anne's Royal Wedding Sample Page

Stamps Albums

Price list:

Price in British Pounds Number of pages
Binder, Vol. I 11.00 -
Binder, Vol. II 11.00 -
Binder, Vol. III 11.00 -
Binder, Vol. IV 11.00 -
1935 Silver Jubilee 19.80 33
1937 Coronation 10.80 18
1946 Victory 12.00 20
1948 Royal Silver Wedding 8.40 14
1949 UPU 24.60 41
1951 BWI University 2.40 4
1953 Coronation 9.00 15
1953-4 Royal Visit 1.80 3
1958 Caribbean Federation 2.40 4
1963 Freedon From Hunger 6.60 11
1963 Red Cross 10.20 17
1964 Shakespeare Commemoration 3.00 5
1965 I.T.U. 10.20 17
1965 I.C.Y. 10..80 18
1966 Churchill Commemoration 15.60 26
1966 Royal Visit 3.60 6
1966 World Cup 8.40 14
1966 W.H.O. 6.00 10
1966 U.N.E.S.C.O. 12.00 20
1972 Royal Silver Wedding 8.40 14
1973 Royal Wedding 12.00 20
10 Quadrilled Pages 4.50 10

Shipping Costs:

Every Omnibus order represents a unique collection and every collector assembles a different combination of pages and binders. We combine shipping calculating the actual weight of every pack we send.

When ordering through our online shop the calculated combined shipping cost will be updated automatically.

All prices quoted are in Pounds Sterling. We ship all Omnibus lots using registered airmail. Shipping time varies: 7-10 days to UK and Europe, around 14 days to USA and Canada, and a bit more to all other destinations.

Stamps Albums

How to Order

All our range of albums can be bought comfortably and safely using our on-line store.

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